If you are looking for a specific command, do Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) + F and type the command you are looking for.
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SAVE your game before using these commands!
Using these commands might impair your Subnautica experience, and will disable achievements

This article is about Console Commands in Below Zero. To see this subject's article on the Subnautica Wiki, click here.

Console Commands are a group of tools that adjust the player's experience outside the normal scope of the game. These commands can be used for debugging purposes, viewing partially implemented content, or simply for player enjoyment.

How to use

The console is an optional feature and is disabled by default. To activate it you need to press F3 and you'll see a checkbox ticked in the top left saying: "Disable Console". Press F8 to get a mouse cursor and uncheck the box to activate the console.

Once the console is enabled, press Enter, ~, Ø or Ö, depending on the keyboard, and type one of the commands below. Whenever you restart the game, you need to press one of the overlay keys first (e.g. F3) before pressing the console key.

It is recommended to close all overlays before typing a command, as entering a number does change the game settings on some overlays (e.g. on the F3 overlay).

Input box use


  • Pressing Enter, ~, Ø or Ö brings up an input box. This depends on country and keyboard layout.
  • And press Uparrow or Downarrow.
    • This shows the previously entered commands.
    • Click Enter to select chosen command.


  • Pressing XBOX Left Bumper + XBOX A + XBOX Right Bumper brings up an input box.
  • Pressing XBOX Left Bumper + [START]  + XBOX Right Bumper will open the Start menu and add a seventh "Developer" option, which allows the easy use of console commands (no typing required).

List of commands


[NAME] Represents a variable text input that depends on the command.
[#] Represents a value of the player's choice.
[x] [y] [z] Represent coordinates.
  • [x] East & West
  • [y] Altitude
  • [z] North & South


item [NAME] [#]
  • Adds a specified amount of a certain item to the player's inventory.
  • Example:
    item titanium 5
    • Will add 5 Titanium to the player's inventory.
  • For items with spaces in their name (e.g. Stasis Rifle), make them one word (e.g. stasisrifle).
  • A complete list of items can be found here.
clearinventory Deletes everything in the Inventory.
spawn [NAME] [#]
  • Spawns a specified amount of a certain object in front of the player.
  • Example:
    spawn holefish 5
    • Spawns 5 Holefish in front of the player.
cure [#] Cures the player and all creatures in a specified range of the Kharaa Bacterium.
infect [#] Infects the player and all creatures in a specified range with the Kharaa Bacterium.

Causes every Water Filtration Machine on the map to instantly fabricate a Large Filtered Water.


Causes every Water Filtration Machine on the map to instantly fabricate Salt.


Gives the player every common vehicle module.


Gives the player every Prawn Suit module.


Gives the player every Prawn Suit arm.

resourcesfor [NAME]
  • Provides resources for any specific craftable items.
  • Example:
    resourcesfor knife
ency [NAME]
  • Unlocks a specific data base entry.
  • The entry name is case sensitive and requires exact spelling with no spaces.
  • Example:
    ency crabsnake
  • Doing:
    ency all
    • Will give the player all of the data bank entries, even ones not in the normal game yet.
damage [#] Sets damage multiplier to player's choice.
instagib Toggles instagib mode.
invisible Creatures will ignore the player completely.
filterfast Reduces the time Water Filtration Machines take to filter.
fastscan Reduces the scanning time when using the Scanner.
fastgrow Plantable flora will grow within a few moments when placed in any type of planter.
fasthatch Eggs will hatch within a few moments after being placed in an Alien Containment.
  • Allows the player to build modules in an instant of a second with the Habitat Builder.
  • This is good to use together with "nocost" command.
nocost Toggles unlimited, free use of the Fabricator, Habitat Builder, Mobile Vehicle Bay, Vehicle Upgrade Console and Modification Station whether the player has the required items or not.
noenergy Toggles power usage for all vehicles, tools as well as the Seabases.
oxygen Gives the player an unlimited supply of oxygen.

Warning: If used after Oxygen has reached 0, it won't save you from dying.

bubbles Spawns several bubbles (air) around the player.
seaglide Spawns an unpowered Seaglide in front of the player.
dig [#]
  • Removes all terrain around the player in a sphere with a diameter of # meters (max value: 100).
  • This command puts a severe strain on the gameplay performance.
  • Unlocks a specific blueprint.
  • Example:
    unlock solarpanel
  • Locks a specific blueprint.
  • Example:
    lock solarpanel
unlockall Unlocks all blueprints.


  • freedom
  • creative
  • survival
  • hardcore
Changes game mode to chosen type.
day Sets time to day.
night Sets time to night.
daynightspeed [#] Sets the day/night cycle speed multiplier (default 1). A # of "2" would be a day/night cycle twice as fast (shorter day and shorter night). A float such as 0.1 will make the day/night cycle 10x slower.
cinematics Toggles animation for the player.
debugsound Toggles sound.
entreset Reloads all assets of the game (except for terrain).
gamereset Resets the game, including the player's inventory and position, to when it was last saved.
farplane [#] Changes your viewing distance. 1000 is default.
fog Toggles in-game fog.
fov [#] Toggles player camera zoom (5-60), 60 is default. Different types of lens framing such as flip, upside down, telescopic effect, etc., are found in the values of 5 to 500,000.
  • Allows you to freely leave your character and roam the terrain, even fly through solid objects. Use the command again to go back to your character. (WARNING: Very sensitive movements, cannot open menu or inventory while in freecam.)
  • To manipulate freecam movement, use shift to accelerate. Pressing the numbers 1-5 also appears to change the speed at which you move using shift.
fps Shows FPS.
nobloom Removes bloom. Game restart needed to re-apply.
noshadows Removes shadows. Game restart needed to re-apply.
printbiome Shows on screen what biome the player is currently in.
sizeref Spawns the "Wasabi One" diver. Can be used as a size reference. Must be looking at terrain.
speed [#] Sets the game speed multiplier (default 1). A # of "2" would be 2x gameplay speed. A float such as 0.1 will slow gamespeed to 10%.
target Toggles target debug.
schoolfishai Toggles the AI of a Shoal of Fish
vsync Toggles VSync.
vr Available VR options: None, Stereo, Split, Oculus, Morpheus.


biome [NAME]
  • Teleports the player to a specific Biome.
  • Type biome without a biome name to see the biome list.
warp [x] [y] [z]
  • Warps the player to the coordinates of their choice.
  • Example:
    warp 1 1 1
warpforward [#]
  • Warps the player forward by however many meters they desire
batch [x] [y] [z]
  • Warps the player to the centre of a batch of their choice.
  • Batches do not use the same co-ordinate system as the warp command.

Teleports the player to the Cyclops, a Seabase, or Lifepod 5 depending on which the player last entered. Good for getting unstuck.

goto [NAME]
  • Teleports the player to a specific location.
spawn Respawns the player a small distance away. Good for getting un-stuck.
kill Respawns the player instantly inside the lifepod. Useful as a "teleport" feature. Do NOT use on Hardcore game setting.