The Ice Peeper is a fauna species that will appear in Subnautica: Below Zero.


The Ice Peeper shares a very similar appearance to its relative, the Peeper, of tropical seas.

It shares the same eye structure as the Peeper, with orange sclerae and irises and deep blue pupils, though has several minor differences to the general morphology that differentiate it from the Peeper.

  • The Ice Peeper has a whitish-hue and its flesh is partially translucent.
  • A pair of bright pink stripes run down each side of the body from the eyes to the end of the caudal fin.
  • The caudal fin appears reduced, not reaching the end of the tail like that of the Peeper.
  • The siphons of the Peeper are not present on the Ice Peeper, instead having a pair of elongated tendrils protruding from the dorsal and ventral side in their place.
  • A pair of oddly shaped openings are present at the front side of the base of each tendril, these may be homologous to the Peeper's siphons.
  • Three openings are seen behind each of the eyes. These decrease in size as they move towards the tail. In the Peeper these three openings are all circular, but in the Ice Peeper the front pair of openings become a much larger, irregular shape, noticeably distinct from the Peeper.