The Ice Worm is a huge aggressive fauna species that burrows beneath the surface of the ice. They appear to be ambush predators, drawn towards heat and sound above them.

Ice Worms can be avoided through the use of a Thumper.


The Ice Worm has a very long body, the top side of which is completely covered by a thick segmented exoskeleton. Beneath these plates are another set of triangular plates that stick out horizontally, each with a backwards facing spike. The underside of the creature is bare and unprotected, lacking any protective plating. It is grey in color and has two rows of small spikes running parallel down the body.


The Ice Worm's design draws heavily on the real-life bobbit worm. Though far greater in size, the Ice Worm shares the hardened parapodia running down the body and the lifestyle of an ambush predator.

The Ice Worm's head bears a striking resemblance to this image of a deep sea tube worm, and was likely based on it.