The Pinnicarid is an upcoming fauna species which will be present in Subnautica: Below Zero. A small, intelligent and social predator species that effectively fills the role filled by seals on Earth. They appear to be relatively closely related to the Penguin-like creature.


The Pinnicarid has a long, streamlined body with seven pairs of fins that decrease in size towards the tail fin. An additional pair of fins adorn each side of the face, these appear decorative rather than functional.

The head has two pairs of small green eyes arranged that one pair is above the facial fin and the other pair is below. Atop the head are two purple-tipped antennae that can be retracted into the head when the Pinnicarid is hunting. The front and underside of the head and neck are orange and the head ends with a small black beak.

The dorsal side of the body is black and the ventral side white, a common method of camouflage. About one third of the way down the dorsal side there are two, thick orange bands that continue all the way to the tip of the tail.


The body shape and general behaviour of the Pinnicarid takes inspiration from seals whilst the many fins are a trait inspired by the Cambrian era predators, anomalocarids.



  • The Pinnicarid's name is a portmanteau of two taxonomic names; The clade Pinnipedia which contains seals, sea lions and walruses, and the suborder of Cambrian era predators Anomalocarida that the Pinnicarid takes its appearance from.