Sam Goodall is a character in Subnautica: Below Zero. She works on the Vesper and appears to be the primary source of contact to the protagonist, Robin Goodall who is also her sister.

Data Bank Entry

Name: Sam Goodall
Age: 48
Job Function: Human Resources Manager
Assignment: Vesper Station, 4546B
Family: Mother (Deceased); Sister (Robin Goodall, Independent Contractor)

Background: Born to a single mother employed by Alterra on City-Station 749. Studied the Alterra school curriculum until age 16 when the family relocated to Auwell, an independent planetary research colony outside Alterra space. Education suffered as a result, but Goodall did not lose her cultural identity, and returned to Alterra space as soon as possible to acquire digi-training in advanced management and negotiation strategies.

Previous Employment:
Alterra Seamoth Marketing Division (3 years)
Alterra Personnel Surplus Reduction Division (9 years)
Alterra Alms Communications (5 years)
Alterra Central Negotiations Strategy (6 years)
Vesper Human Resources Manager (Present)

Psych Assessment:
- Diagnosed obsessive compulsive. Impaired social functioning; professional function may be enhanced in detail oriented-roles. Prescribed Anterol 12h for balanced productivity enhancement.
- Demonstrates strong reward-based motivation. Well-integrated with Alterra corporate structure.

Summary: Extroverted. Sensitive. Thoughtful. Judgemental.


  • The surname "Goodall" may be a reference to primatologist Jane Goodall, as Robin Goodall is a zoologist.