The Vesper is an installation that will be present in Subnautica: Below Zero.[1] It will orbit Planet 4546B to serve as a base for research personnel, including Robin Goodall and her sister, Sam Goodall. There is currently no concept art for the Vesper itself.

While aboard the Vesper, Sam will provide assistance through dialogue with Robin as well as occasionally dropping Supply Crates for Robin to utilize.

Data Bank Entry

  • This data bank entry is now outdated as the elevators mentioned have been replaced.

The Vesper is a semi-permanant installation, designed to provide a sustainable environment for research personnel stationed far from federation space. Once in geosynchronous orbit of a target planet it deploys multiple ground-to-space elevators for energy efficient resource transportation.

Location: Planet 4546B, Ariadne Arm

Mission Parameters:
1. Forensic examination and recovery of Aurora wreckage
2. Biomedical research
3. Ecological preservation
4. Resource exploration


  • Before the Vesper was decided upon, the original idea was for a fleet of Alterran spacecraft to orbit the planet.[2]